• Void

    A contemplation of my private view of urbanity in the near absence of humans in a collection of simple and subtle imagery collected through a dark and rainy night opens deep layers of emotionality that ponder our automated and highly technological world in contrast to the primeval forces of nature. The video signals verging on the technical borders of darkness provoke the human visual perception that delineates and interprets environmental forms and objects to start imagining, sending the viewer into the experience of voidness.

    Exhibitions: Beyond Karlsruhe 2018

  • # biennale

    roughly 20.000 Images were scraped off Instagram using the Hash-tag #biennale and used to calculate three dimensional textured mesh models through a Process called Structure from Motion (SfM).


    SfM is a technique for estimating three-dimensional structures from two-dimensional image sequences. In this case I grouped the images into Sequences per Artwork and was able to render fifteen models of the most photographed Artworks at the Venice Biennale 2019.


    Exhibitions: HfG Rundgang 2019

  • between the images

    There is a parallel world, existing in the dream, that comes through in our art and influences us at day, even though we may lack memory of it or disregard it completely, just as our dreams may resemble this side of reality very closely.


    Living, our dreams and ideas swash into our waking life and vice versa, they become together a multilayered double exposure that is our being, inside and outside world form together a unique reality, that is personal, just like every viewer will see different things in watching this installation and also uncontrollable in most cases.


    Sometimes, when we see behind their covers and into closed spaces, the soul of machines becomes present and makes us wonder about our own inner life, we ponder the boundaries of this world and others.


    The old and new technology used is the memory, that is its own filter or medium that holds past present moments.


    Exhibitions: HfG Rundgang 2018

  • Saturday, Coffee, Rain

    .01 saturday

    .02 coffee time

    .03 toast

  • Iron, Steel and Blackforest Kirsch

    A collaboration with mauschger



    Freiburg 2017



  • [ ]

    Password: ZumDeutschenWalde


    A Collaborative Artwork


    Directing: Till Gombert

    Camera: Jason Stewart

    Sound: Roland Altmann

Jason Stewart